Surplus Inventory Report

The Surplus Inventory Report displays all inventory items that are deemed by Datarithm to be in surplus. Dead and overstocked inventory report.

Items are in surplus if the on-hand amount is greater than 120% of Max or 120% of Order Point + Order Quantity. That is if there is more on-hand than would be expected based upon the replenishment points and general notions of perpetual inventory.

The report gives you the ability to:
✓ Select or deselect the columns to display by clicking the Columns box.
✓ Select the Region and/or Pharmacy to view.
✓ Select the surplus type (all, Dead, Overstock). Dead items are those that have not been
dispensed in 4 or more months. Overstocked items are items that have been dispensed in the
past 4 months, but are still in surplus.
✓ Sort by column.
✓ Use export to Excel for further manipulation.

To access the report, go to the Reports tab -> Inventory Reports -> Surplus Inventory Report: